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The Garden Design Process


Initial Consultation

We will arrange an initial visit to take a look at your garden, discuss your requirements and aspirations and show you some of our previous projects. Subsequently we will provide you with a fee proposal letter that will set out the brief, the design work required and the corresponding fees. The design fees relate to the size of the garden and complexity of the design, as well as the exact level of service required. Each combination of client and garden is unique.

Site Survey

Before any design work can begin we will need an accurate survey of the plot. We usually do this ourselves, although may need to commission a land surveyor for large or complicated sites. The completed survey will record the house, boundaries, levels, existing features, trees and shrubs. We also document significant views from within the house and garden.

Design Masterplan

Armed with the survey information and the design brief we will create a garden design for you. At an interim meeting, we will present a coloured masterplan illustrating the new layout and a supporting mood board that will help you to visualise the proposed arrangement, materials and planting style. The masterplan will form the focus for the discussion of our ideas.

Construction Plan

We incorporate any amendments to be made in the construction plan. This more technical drawing will provide the landscape contractor with the information needed to accurately cost the work and to build the garden. It will include details of the setting out, materials and suppliers. If necessary, we will prepare construction details of specific elements, such as retaining walls and water features. At this stage, we can also discuss options for lighting and irrigation.

Planting Plan & Schedule

Once the construction drawing is completed, we create a planting scheme to complement the new layout, taking into account your likes and dislikes. The planting plan shows the location and spacing of the proposed trees, shrubs and perennials as well as any existing plants that are to be retained. We usually arrange a meeting to discuss the planting design, illustrating the key plants on an image board. Once agreed, we provide a schedule listing the plant varieties, quantities and sizes required.

Project Monitoring

We remain in touch with the client and contractor during the construction, making visits to the site as the project progresses. We will help to address any issues as they arise throughout the build.

Planting and Maintenance

As the garden is being built we can source the plants, liaising with the nursery as necessary and selecting any specimens required. We prefer to set out the plants ourselves prior to the contractor planting them. We remain available to meet with the clients and their maintenance teams to discuss ongoing care and usually have long relationships with our gardens. 

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